Thursday, 19 November 2015

Useful Storage Ideas For Your Childs Room

Many of our customers at storage salford have children and one of the most common issues they have is having space in their home for their children's items. For this reason we thought it would be a good idea to put together some tips which may help:

Everything had its place - Whether its your child's clothes, books or toys it is essential that every items has its place in the room. To make the most of the limited space use shelving and boxes or baskets. Get your child involved and get them to help you put the items into their specific places so they know where they belong.

Have it accessible - Make sure you have your child's most used items in accessible places to make it easy for them to get to.

Use every bit of space - This may seem like an obvious one but make sure you use any available space in the bedroom. Be creative and look for places that at first glance may not appear obvious.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Storage Help When Renting Out Your Property

With the banks currently paying a very low interest rate there is an increasing number of people investing their money in a second property to rent out. Along with people buying a second property many inherit them or move into a second property due to a new relationship but keep their existing home.

A storage salford unit is the perfect solution for those things that you may want to keep but don't have room in your new second property. For a small cost you can be assured that your items will be kept safe, clean and dry.

Short term storage is a really useful facility as it will help you avoid making hasty decisions in terms of what items you need to keep and what you want to get rid of. Whether you decide to empty the whole house or just specific items self storage salford can offer you the perfect solution.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Storing Your Child's Items For The Future

Putting some of your childs less played with or unused items into a storage salford unit can be a great way to de-clutter your propertybut without having to throw them away incase there maybe a future use for them. A self storage facility can offer parents affordable room for all of their childs belongings with the peace of mind that they are kept safe and secure and can be accessed 7 days a week. Below the experts at self storage salford have listed some of the common baby items our customers keep in storage with us:

Baby clothes - Putting baby clothes into self storage is a great way to keep them for another family member or until you are ready to sell them.

Baby swings - When storing baby swings it is essential you give them a good clean down first and then ensure they are protected when in storage.

Cots - To make the most of your storage unit we recommend taking the cot down to its original form and packaging securely

Childrens Toys - Always ensure you put unwanted childrens toys into boxes and clearly label whats in the boxes making it easier for you to get to them.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Storing Your Appliances

It can be very difficult to make space in your property for unused appliances such as fridges or freezers. Storage Salford understand that because appliances can be expensive. Many people prefer to keep hold of old ones to pass on to other family or friends or even to keep as a back up. A self storage Salford rental unit is a great affordable solution to enable you to keep hold of your appliances without taking up valuable space in your home. Before putting an appliance in storage dont forget to:
  • Drain liquid
  • Clean the interior
  • Treat for insects
  • Clean the exterior
  • Remove any glass and protect the appliance
  • Secure with tape
  • Protect any fragile parts

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Why Downsizing Can Be A Good Thing!

You may not be excited about downsizing and may even feel you are taking a step backwards however the experts at storage salford have listed below some ways in which you will benefit:

Save money - smaller homes are less expensive to run and keep up to. If you are leaving a large property you will save some serious money on things such as utility bills.

Less time cleaning - The smaller your property the less items you will be able to keep and therefore less cleaning will be required.

More family bonding - In larger properties families tend to spread out and spend more time on their own in different rooms. A smaller house means less rooms and more time with family members.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Storage Suggestions For Small Bathrooms

Many bathrooms in modern properties are tight on space. Recent research shows that out of the rooms in a property the bathroom is the one which becomes the most restricted due to having too much stuff in it. The experts at Storage Salford have come up with a few suggestions to help!

Use towel racks - Towel racks free up that much needed space in the bathroom. Even better to still keep that much needed wall space install your towel racks on the back of your bathroom door.

Use Shelving - By installing shelving as high up as possible this helps you keep that all important floor space.

Utilise Corners - Be smart and install shower caddies and cabinets in the corners of your bathroom

Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit

At some stage in every families life there comes a time when you have too much collective clutter whether it be in your home or garage. When this happens renting a self storage salford unit is a great way to give you that little extra space you require. It may seem an easy thing to just dump your items into a storage unit however we have listed below some extra step that we recommend to our storage Salford customers.

1. Label everything - No matter how organised you think you are if you don't label boxes up when you need to eventually get to your items you will not know which box they are in. This will simply cause a headache!

2. Use shrink wrap - Covering all of your boxes in shrink wrap keeps everything compact and stops any overflowing boxes which you may pack on top of each other from splitting.

3. Plan for weather changes - Storing electronic items in the summer months is fine however if they are not protected then come the cold winter months you may encounter some issues.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things To Do Before Renting A Property

Just imagine you have found your dream house or apartment to rent. Storage Salford have put together a useful check list of things to do before you sign the lease agreement.

Get the appropriate paperwork - When renting a property you will need certain paperwork proving your identity and earnings. Normally a form of photographic identification is required along with 3 payslips from your employer and also a copy of a recent bank statement.

Make a record of any damage - It is essential you walk through the entire property with your new landlord looking for any damages or issues caused by previous tenants. If this is not established before signing the lease you will be liable for any damage when wanting to move out of the property.

Establish what is included in the lease and what is allowed -  In some cases the monthly rent will include utilities and access to a fridge and freezer and some rental properties don't include these items..... always check first. If you have a pet such as a dog this will need to be agreed to stay in the property by the landlord.

Get everything in writing - In today's society you cant just rely on a handshake! Make sure everything is fully above board and in writing.