Thursday, 1 October 2015

Things To Do Before Renting A Property

Just imagine you have found your dream house or apartment to rent. Storage Salford have put together a useful check list of things to do before you sign the lease agreement.

Get the appropriate paperwork - When renting a property you will need certain paperwork proving your identity and earnings. Normally a form of photographic identification is required along with 3 payslips from your employer and also a copy of a recent bank statement.

Make a record of any damage - It is essential you walk through the entire property with your new landlord looking for any damages or issues caused by previous tenants. If this is not established before signing the lease you will be liable for any damage when wanting to move out of the property.

Establish what is included in the lease and what is allowed -  In some cases the monthly rent will include utilities and access to a fridge and freezer and some rental properties don't include these items..... always check first. If you have a pet such as a dog this will need to be agreed to stay in the property by the landlord.

Get everything in writting - In todays society you cant just rely on a handshake! Make sure everything is fully above board and in writting.

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